Flight of Fancy

86 mins


Jen runs one of the largest florists' on the east coast, and when she is invited to her sisters' wedding on a tropical island, work comes too. Though it'snot all wedding bells and pineapple cocktails when Jen's sister accuses her of putting work ahead of the family. Furious, Jen consoles herself with a drink or two and decides to hire a seaplane to return to the mainland. Hotel staff point her towards the home of a local pilot, where she finds the roguish Scott, playing cards with some drinking buddies. She falls asleep on his porch and wakes to find herself wrapped in a blanket. After some cajoling, Scott agrees to fly her to the mainland for an inflated price.


When a storm forces them to abort mid-flight,  they land on a secluded beach on the uninhabited side of the island and must slowly make their way back to the hotel. On the way, Jen is reminded of her younger days picking flowers with her little sister, and Scott reveals himself to be much more thoughtful than he first appears... Could it be possible that two people who have always run from their feelings, finally have found somewhere to land?