For Love Nor Money

86 mins



Laura is a high powered attorney working for some of the biggest clients in the world, that's why she's the youngest solicitor to be *this* close the being named partner - not bad for the only woman in the boys club practice. This is why when their most lucrative client Graham Finley, needs someone to fly to a remote island to deliver a contract to his grandson and heir, Laura is the only one on the list.


But when Laura lands in the tropical paradise, she finds her job won't be as straightforward as she hoped. Chip, Graham's charming grandson with a boyish smile, is completely unwilling to sign paperwork that will name him sole heir to the considerable fortune. Putting her promotion at risk, and damning his grandfathers' fortune to his ruthless, unethical children, Laura is forced to stay behind until she can convince this peter-pan to step up to his responsibilities. Chip in the meantime is becoming more and more enamoured to his powerful, intelligent woman... but are they too different to ever get on?.