Meeting Théo

86 mins


A handsome winemaker helps a beautiful American find love again.

Sammi was widowed when the love of her life was killed in Afghanistan. Struggling to move on, Sammi receives a phone call informing her she's inherited a Vineyard in Western Australia, just like the one she and her husband had hoped to own one day. Committing to a fresh start, Sammi sells her house to fun hernew life abroad. Landing in Australia, Sammi is picked up my Remy, an eccentric grandfather who tell her all the town gossip. With a basket of fresh bread, cheese and charcuterie, Sammi is all set for her new life. Remy's nephew Théo checks in on Sammi who's tangled in wine vines and doesn't have the first clue of wine making. Over lunch Théo notices the grapes at the vineyard are overripe and must be harvested immediately. Théo calls Remy who invites the whole town over to help. With the grapes harvested by sunset, and starting ferment, a new romance is born with handsome Théo.