Rough Stuff (2017)



Nicole Johnschwager, Kelly Tomasich

Jonathan Adams

Buzz (Gareth Rickards) and his crew have been to every corner of the continent searching for the legendary Stray‚Äôs Gold. But just as he's ready to give up, Buzz is approached by Eric (Jamie Kristian) and some local activists, who claim to have the map to his desire. Seeing this as his last chance to fulfil his dream, Buzz convinces his ragtag crew of 'Rovers', Abe and Scraps (Vincent Andriano and Sam Glissan), to follow him on one last quest for the lost gold.  However, there's a catch, to get to the mine unseen, they must travel through the impenetrable Mamuya Valley AND....they're not the only group in search of Stray's treasure.

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